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    About Us

    Stroh Farm Supply began serving its customers sometime in the 1920's. Introduced as Stroh Grain Company, it began serving the needs of the local community specializing in grain, mill feed, flour, salt and coal. The original building sat just about where the current building sits today. In it's original, the mill sat just west of a small railroad that serviced the Stroh community. The first mill fell victim to arson during a robbery in 1971. At the time of the fire, Martin Feed's of New Paris owned Stroh Grain. After the fire, Martin Feed's decided that they were not going to rebuild. Several area farmers and businessmen rose to the need of the community and rebuilt as a farmer owned corporation. Rebuilding as Stroh Farm Supply, the company operated that way unitl 1992. It was at that time when the board of director's were looking for a buyer. After several years of trying to sell Stroh Farm Supply, the board accepted an offer made by Jim Perkins. In an effort to continue meeting the needs of the agricultural community the feed mill and grain elevator continued daily operations as usual. Although we do not know every employee that has ever worked at Stroh Farm Supply we can name several. Throught the years, it has been managed by Roscoe Cogshell, Dale Noll, Devon Brubaker, Eli Helmuth, and since 1997, Eric Perkins. The agriculture landscape has changed over the years. As quoted from the Lagrange News in 1989, Eli Helmuth said that about 65% of the feed went to dairy and about 25% to hogs.


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