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    About Us

    At Engage Business Solutions LLC, we are a family-owned technology consultant company in Topeka, Indiana.

    We are technology experts, and problem solvers with a sharp business sense who aim to help small businesses make IT work to their competitive advantage. We are dedicated to providing strategic technical advice and systems for any size business to address your unique technology needs and the way you work.

    We want to give you peace of mind by helping you establish security solutions designed to keep your business safe from today’s major security threats. Let us show you innovative solutions for some of your biggest technology challenges. From start to finish, you can trust your advisors at Engage Business Solutions LLC to help you use technology to build your business advantage.

    Our technology service areas include:
    * Internet Security and Performance
    * Windows PCs, Workstations, and Servers
    * Systems and Software Updates
    * Secure Storage Solutions
    * Software, Applications, and Cloud services
    * Penetration Testing and Network Security
    * VOIP and Video Conferencing
    * HIPAA and PCI Compliance
    * Security Best Practices and Backups
    * Inventory Control Systems
    * Secure Remote Access Solutions

    At Engage Business Solutions LLC, we have the knowledge and expertise, to partner with your small business through challenging times. No matter your company size or budget, we can show you how to maximize hardware, software, and cloud technology to fit the way you work.

    Effective. Valuable. It’s Tech That Fits!