• Cost Breakdown

  •  Annual investment for general Chamber membership is determined by the number of active full-time (40 hours or more) employees working in the business. Below is the break-down of annual membership dues: 


    1-4 FT Employees: $210.00

    5-9 FT Employees: $250.00

    10-19 FT Employees: $300.00

    20-29 FT Employees: $380.00

    30-39 FT Employees: $435.00

    40-49 FT Employees: $510.00

    50-74 FT Employees: $630.00

    75-99 FT Employees: $775.00

    100-124 FT Employees: $800.00

    125-149 FT Employees: $900.00

    150+ FT Employees: $1,000.00



    Specific Membership Categories


    Banks pay one (1) regular membership for their main office. Additional branches are assessed at the additional branch rate: 

    Banks: $400.00

    Bank branches: $100.00


    Utility-Service Organizations: $825.00


    Healthcare Institution: $500.00


    School: $300.00


    Non-Profit Organizations: $165.00


    County Government:

    County government membership in the Chamber extends benefits to all departments and individuals employed by the county.

    County Government: $1,000.00


    Associate Members

    Associate memberships are reserved for subsidiaries or branches of member-owned companies. The annual investment if based on the parent company or the largest company in the group. Additional locations or companies under the same ownership are assessed at the associate rate and are entitled to receive all benefits of Chamber membership.

    Associate: $90.00


    Other Membership Investments:

    Non-Business Member: $50.00

    Senior Citizen (62 and older): $25.00